Form like Voltron

August 9, 2007

Everyone’s got busy schedules these days, so it’s pretty awesome when we can get a nice group together for a solid ride. Matt sent me a txt in the afternoon saying ‘meet at the thimble and 8:30 if you want to go for a ride’ – I guess he gets free txtings on his cellphone plan because for all the people that showed up it would have run me $2 to send those out.

I’m glad he did though, met a few new people which is always nice and of course it’s good to see the usual peeps out.

tobes spokes

it’s impossible for Toby to have normal spokes… ever.

through-frame trackstand

bike warz, Canice was actually rolling her eyes in that picture, I’m just slow with the shutter.

pic pic

Erin is a dude of high caliber, he’s got a similar shot of me on his camera now.

aaron admiring

Erin quickly realizes how photogenic I am.

group shot

bike gang at the petrol station.

dancin on the ceilin

Toby breakdancing on a pole. pole dancing, Chris threw a nickle in his eye – no lap dance!

don bridge

obligatory urban skyline shot for Matt.

All in all a great ride, the Don Trail is fucking intense at night without proper lights, thanks to Ace for talking us into that one and thanks to the people in the car who drove down the hill with their high beams on so we could see. Buenos noches!

P.S. This Saturday afternoon is the Shop Till You Drop Alleycat race which is being organized by Goodfoot, Ransom, Crumpler and Toby. Registration is at 1:30pm, the race starts at 2:30 and it will obviously be radical, so come out.


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  1. […] out Ben & Nick’s blog for some photos from last night’s ride. Ben has a better camera and is a better photographer […]

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