White People Hate Rap

September 26, 2008

I don’t get it.  What do you have against it?  Are you that affraid of black people that you can’t bear to hear their drawl over rhythmic percussions?  There was a point in time where your people took great pleasure in watching black people do a cute little jig or sing a song for your fair skinned dame.  Now you roll your eyes in disgust or boredom.  What went wrong?  When did black entertainment not become enjoyable to you?  That’s really racist.  You need to gett your lilly ass up to Rexdale, holler at the closest brother, flash him a smile and say with the most earnest tone “c’mon boy…just rap for me!”


Young Jeezy = Smrat Man

September 3, 2008

A new VBS Meets went up recently. Rapper extraordinaire Young Jeezy is its subject matter. Its actually hilarious. But not intentionally hilarious. More like minstrel show hilarious. Jeezy’s body language is akin to that time during exams when you knew the answer to maybe a whole 2 questions.

Jeezy loves edumacation.

New Site

August 25, 2008


August 15, 2008

I love politics.  In fact, I love talking about them more than I actually like the mechanics of politics itself.  It’s a discussion that draws varying opinions that inevitably will lead to disagreements, raised voices and rolled eyes.  It’s basically an open door to R.I.P.’ing friends.

My buddy Trace “The Republican” Crutchfield’s new show just does that.  He traipses a number of states looking to stir a politcal pot that’s already currdled with rhetoric and dis-information  all in the name of entertainment.



My latest gastro incantation.


July 2, 2008

I know this is long over due. By now, most of you have known, heard and we’ve chatted about my surprise birthday present which was (in case you didn’t know) a weekend getaway to San Francisco. Seemed like everyone was in on it though, so if you do fall into the latter group, you probably really aren’t my friend.

They’re now selling Fuji x Obey track bikes at Macy’s.


Toronto…take note. This is a REAL taco.

SF hills will kill ya.

We chilled out at the Japanese Tea Garden for ice cold green tea and obscure Asian cookies and treats.

Ocean Beach. This place is like 10 minute bike ride from Jacob’s place. Bastard.

This is a bad picture but its from a restaurant in the Mission called Blue Plate. Its kind of a twist on modern American bistro type food. I had meatloaf, with pork belly. Jacob had pork chops and Michelle had Gnocchi. Food was on-fucking-point. However, it was hotter than hell in this place and our tolerance was definitely tested.


Over-priced guacamole from a taco spot down on the wharf near Embarcadero. Pricey? Yes. Good-enough-to-make-you-pee? Damn skippy.

Cupcake princess.

I think Marcus McBride front side flipped this. I could be wrong (my Skate-pedia Browns will have to fact check that for me). In any case though, once a heralded skate spot that the aforementioned owned. Now a bench for the Cupcake Princess.

A watering hole somewhere in the Mission.

Don’t say the car’s topless, say the tits are out.

Don’t even front like you don’t wish you could be right then and there.

Jacob took us to this Puerto Rican spot in San Rafael called Sol Food. One of the better meals on this trip. All organic/free range (for the whities), and portion sizes/price points that were more than reasonable (for the brownies).

Fried plantain + California tomatoes + avacado + fresh, organic mozzarella cheese.

Early Sunday morning, at the Civic Center on Market, people were lining up to buy live chickens and balut.

This was the lineup for Dotties on Sunday morning. Kidding! It’s the line-up for one of the shelters off of Jones. Oh how it sucks to be homeless.

Idyllic SF.

Jacob’s broken Frejus. I’ll let him explain how this happened.

Just To Let You Know…

June 23, 2008

My pal Trace and I always talk about BBQ. Trace reigns from Houston so he not only can appreciate a good and proper cue, but he’s also quick to call bullshit on all the city slickers north of the Mason-Dixon Line that think that barbecue somehow involves propane.